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We have everything you might need to prepare for your FORS audit.
Our team of experienced Consultants are all FORS Practitioners and will advise and support you considering your business needs.

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FORS Complete Document Package

Everything you need to prepare for your Bronze audit and meet the FORS Standard. Find out more about what our FORS Complete Document Package offers, including your FORS version 5.1 personalised manual, Drivers Handbook and a 90 minute consultant video / telephone call.

£750.00 + VAT

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FORS Pre-Audit Service

Everything you need for your audit, plus two full days with a FORS Practitioner to help you. Find out more about our FORS Pre-Audit Service which includes a FORS Standard version 5.1 personalised manual, Drivers Handbook and all the documentation you need, plus TWO full days with a consultant.

£1,200.00 + VAT

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FORS Platinum Service

Through our FORS Platinum Service we offer everything we can to support you every step of the way. Find out more about how our FORS Platinum Service takes you from start to completion: Milebay’s comprehensive FORS Complete Document Package with everything you need within your personalised FORS version 5.1 company manual of Policies and Procedures, Risk Assessments, Tool Box Talks, Regulations and Legislation and more, plus three full days spent with an experienced FORS Practitioner, working together through your Bronze FORS journey.

£1,650.00 + VAT

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