FORS Whats Next

What happens next?

We’ll use the information you have provided to create your personalised documents.

If we need further information or anything is missing this will delay your order.

You’ll receive your hard copy of your FORS Manual, its contents and Drivers Handbook, plus USB memory stick with these files in pdf format by post within 7 working days.

Please note – pdf is the only format we can supply.

At peak times printing and delivery make take longer.  Please contact us if you need an update on your order.

Online FORS Complete Document Pack 

Please call us on 01438 986012 once you’ve received your manual and are ready to arrange an optional 90 minute hour video / telephone consultant call.  One of our FORS Practitioners will call you at a convenient time.

Online FORS Pre-Audit Service or Online FORS Platinum Service

We’ll call you a few days after sending your manual, to arrange your Pre Audit Check with one of our qualified FORS Practitioners.