Auditing and Consultancy

As registered FORS practitioners our Consultants are highly skilled and experienced industry professionals.  We work hand in hand with you to assess your operational processes, ways of working and standards to help you identify areas of improvement and ways to achieve compliance.

We could be conducting an audit, meeting with you to discuss action required to achieve your FORS Bronze, Silver or Gold, or manage administrative aspects by creating and updating your manuals – as the only FORS Gold Consultancy, our brand represents consistently high standards and your accreditation will be achieved through an industry leading training and consultancy provider.  We can also help you to monitor operations to ensure you maintain your standards and retain your accreditation.

Why choose Milebay?

Recognised as a training provider offering the highest standards in the industry, many of our CPC courses have been improved beyond the basic detail to provide learners with additional useful and relevant information. Gaining a driver accreditation through Milebay ensures your qualification is JAUPT approved and is taught by an industry experienced trainer.

FORS courses include an ‘upload’ – we will record that you attended and completed your FORS course by uploading the details to the FORS portal, instantly updating their records and your Driver CPC hours.

We will send a certificate of completion to your employer’s workplace or directly to you if you registered for the course independently.

As well as any specific course feedback, we ask learners for their feedback on us – our trainer, the venue and how they found the session overall. Employers are also contacted to find out if the training has provided any added value to their business e.g. improving driver understanding, attention to detail and/or performance. This is information is regularly reviewed by our leadership team and is used in the continuous review and development of all our courses and training services.


  • Training built upon quality and the highest standards
  • Industry experienced, qualified Trainers
  • Relevant, up to date information
  • Encourage learning and celebrate achievement through accreditation
  • Constant review and development of training services


An Expert Team providing personalised, professional services to meet all your transport needs:

– Fleet Management Specialists
– Advice from Gold Accredited FORS members
– Audit and Assessment Experts
– Professional FORS Practitioners
– Qualified, Experienced Trainers
– Provider of over 15 JAUPT approved courses
– Services focused on quality and the highest industry standards

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